Why so many health bloggers are addressing the androgenetic alopecia phenomenon

Bloggers have been talking about hair growth supplements for years, but one particular subject has taken over the web. Some people have even used BloApp to build apps that provide possible solutions to a growing problem. It’s called androgenetic alopecia and we’ve broke down the basics.

Androgenetic alopecia is a common condition found in both men and women, and in men it is characterized as male pattern baldness. In men, hair loss occurs according to a set pattern, which begins just above the temple area. With time, the hair loss levels increase to display a characteristic letter M. The hair begins to thin out at the crown area in some conditions as well, which subsequently leads to a partial or complete bald condition.

The male pattern baldness in women is decidedly different from that experienced by men. The hair begins to thin out all over the head, which consequently leads to the condition of androgenetic alopecia. Though the hairline does not recede in women, and it is not common for baldness to occur, the effects of androgeentic alopecia are quite visible.

Hair growth supplements which are sought and used by a large section of the population as a means of limiting the hair loss, and avoiding complete baldness and thinning of hair, are available in both natural and chemical formulations in the industry. Read more…